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Edi is a non-profit making community based organisation committed into building sustainable developed communities through partnerships with other sectors involved in service delivery.

Vision: Sustainable Developed Communities with empowered citizens fully participating in all societal issues impacting on their lives.

Mission: Empowering communities through full engagement and collaboration with both leadership and governing structures on sustainable community development issues.

Edi's Programs
Children Program
Children sector is one of our focus areas. This is guided by both the Children's Rights and Human Rights as stated in the South African Constitution: Act 108 of 1996, Chapter 2 and the UN Convention. Our interest is on children who fall under Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) category and those that are just children not falling under the OVC category.

Edi deals with Children's issues that relate to disability, schooling which include school fees exemptions, school uniform, support with home work, etc, early child development (our model of ECD is home based - where households within the community volunteer with their unused houses within the yard to be used as a Children's Care Facilities and other volunteers assist as child minders and teachers). We also deal with issues relating to social grants, socio-economic issues, child headed households, rape, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. As an organisation we do this in partnership with other stakeholders, depending on the nature of the case.

Childrens Program    Childrens Program

As an organisation we focus on the four pillars of the children's programs, i.e.
  • Survival (food, health, water, social grants, etc.)
  • Protection (from: abuse, neglect, drugs, alcohol, child labour and exploitation)
  • Development (language, identity, play, education, culture, belief, rehabilitation)
  • Participation (being included, being heard, getting information, freedom of association, freedom of expression).

HIV and AIDS Program
HIV and AIDS is one of Edi's focus areas. The program started when children of a school going age were not attending school because they had to take care of their sick parents and relatives, they also did not have school fees and school uniforms, etc. As an organisation we then started an HIV and AIDS program which has Home Based Care Givers who are volunteers to take care of the sick parents and relatives giving a chance for children to attend school, and the care givers were trained by Hlabisa Hospital.

We also made an intervention by facilitating the school fee exemptions for those vulnerable children and made means to donate school uniforms to them. Some volunteers also assist these children with school homework. The program has developed into preventive measures through educational campaigns and workshops, supporting both those infected and affected in various ways depending on the need, lobbying and advocating for human rights in accessing necessary support from the government. Community dialogues, both at a community level and those at a specific group level have been of great impact as it creates a platform for sharing problems, possible solutions, experiences, and paving a way forward.

HIV and AIDS Program    HIV and AIDS Program

We work with Ward AIDS Committees at ward level, where issues are dealt with and interventions made through Operation Sukuma Sakhe at War Room meetings. In these meetings identified problems are discussed and relevant government department and any other sector make interventions there. This has improved service delivery to the communities as Government departments come to the communities at ward level to make interventions and address their problems and needs.

Gender Program
With reference to community dialogues and workshops we have with various sectors in the communities, gender has been identified as one of the critical areas to focus on. The gender issues relate to abuse of different nature (social, economic, sexual, physical, etc.), and this is from both females to males and males to females.

Gender Program    Gender Program

Both genders suffer from gender based violence which we are trying to address in shaping the new generation into gender balance. From an early age both boys and girls need to be socialised in understanding and respecting both genders, and this program is creating that platform. We have a lot cases of reported gender based violence by males to females and we also have a lot of unreported cases of gender based violence by females to males.

Capacity Building
Through training and facilitation a platform for sharing information, experiences, ideas, knowledge, etc. is created and in this way communities and different sectors learn from each other in improving lifestyles and in developing our communities.

Capacity Program    Capacity Program

As an organisation we do these trainings and facilitations through workshops and community dialogues. This covers a wide range of sectors which includes, civil society organisations, leadership (traditional and municipal), and other organised structures that facilitate development in communities.

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